#NRA500 trends; ‘Somehow America feels OK,’ says Glenn Beck


As Twitchy reported earlier, NRA supporters were faced with a minor dilemma. Should they boycott tonight’s NRA-sponsored race to protest NASCAR’s backtracking on its relationship with the NRA, or should they forge ahead and show their support despite NASCAR’s wishy-washy statement about “taking a closer look” at their choice of sponsors moving forward? The latter group seems to have won out, as #NRA500 trended nationally tonight.

Now trending nationwide: #NRA500 twitter.com/Cameron_Gray/s…

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) April 14, 2013

Glenn Beck wasn’t the only conservative talker on hand. Despite the “controversy,” Laura Ingraham didn’t seem to mind being pictured with the NRA 500 logo one bit, and we’d bet her listeners are just fine with that.

With the pace car! #NRA500 #TXMotorSpeedway #NASCAR twitter.com/IngrahamAngle/…

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) April 13, 2013

The so-called “reverse boycott” in favor of the NRA might have won NASCAR some viewers, but to many, Fox Sports seemed reluctant to roll out the welcome mat.

@hignascar My first time ever watching @nascar because of @nra sponsorship.Why no mention?#nra500 #ImANewCustomer

— Laura Carno (@lauracarno) April 14, 2013

Watching #NRA500 just because of the sponsorship. #FirstTimeWatching

— Drew Bell (@drewpybell) April 14, 2013

First NASCAR race I’ve watched in a long time but doing it to support the #NRA500!

— Kafir Deb B.(@hildismom) April 14, 2013

Just completed my registration to join the @nra while watching the #NRA500

— Jonathan (@2001MUgrad) April 14, 2013

#NRA500 needs 2Trend 2Nite! The NRA Sponsored Texas 500 Race starts at 7. Libs goin crazy over sponsorship! #nascar #2a #protect2a #tcot

— Jantel (@jantel11) April 13, 2013

This is the first time watching a Nascar race when I get an extra kick out of if knowing there is a liberal somewhere seething.#NRA500

— rg (@rg_here) April 14, 2013

#NRA500 any other race @foxsports mentions the main sponsor hundreds of times! Not sure if I’ve even heard @nraonce!! #pathetic

— Mike Erickson (@nofear2686) April 14, 2013

Profoundly disappointed in @nascar & @nascaronfox for no mention or branding of sponsor #NRA500. Do you know who your fans are?

— Scott Armstrong (@armcomm) April 14, 2013

So they mention the sponsors for the next three races but not for the race they are running? #NRA500

— Joey Davis (@joeydavis731) April 14, 2013

Hahaha they just showed the sponsors for the next 3 races and haven’t mentioned this one yet. #nascar #NRA500

— Ed Frazier (@gr8fl_ed) April 14, 2013

So far we’ve learned that this NASCAR race is 500miles, taking place in TX & is a SprintCup race. 2bad they couldn’t find a sponsor! #NRA500

— Andie (@ALF122408) April 14, 2013

It’s the #NRA500. My tv guide says it’s the #NRA500. Get over it, Fox! Just call it the #NRA500.

— Savannah (@thesavvy) April 14, 2013

Just got back to the bus and the race is getting interesting.

— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) April 14, 2013

@charliedaniels Yes the one that @fox and @nascar refuses to announce the sponsors name on live tv. #NRA500

— C.C. Beck (@CCB8CK) April 14, 2013

@charliedaniels Only ONE mention that it’s the #NRA500 in the entire broadcast Charlie. Call DW and read him the riot act!

— Sgt Rock (@SgtRock1955) April 14, 2013

Just heard an announcer actually say #NRA500. So yes, they are aware of the name.

— CamEdwards (@CamEdwards) April 14, 2013

WHOA! #NRA500 passes the lips of @nascaronfox commentators. Than you!

— Scott Armstrong (@armcomm) April 14, 2013

Changed to radio coverage of the #NRA500. Performance Racing Network is saying “NRA 500″ at the beginning & end of every break. #GoodForThem

— Darth Wyatt (@DarthWyatt) April 14, 2013

Maybe liberal NASCAR fans did boycott the event, because Laura Ingraham didn’t run into any.

Just left #NRA500 & chatted w/ MarcusLutrell & @governorperry but no Obama voters. “@jamesmdowns: Dems are all at the NARAL500.” LOL

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) April 14, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/04/13/nra500-trends-somehow-america-feels-ok-says-glenn-beck/

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#NRA500 trends; ‘Somehow America feels OK,’ says Glenn Beck

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