9 Times Emma Watson Was The Best-Dressed Person On The Planet

On June 26, 1997, was released. 1997 was twenty years ago, guys. Screams of horror over your age aside, this series has given us so much.

The Harry Potter series has brought books, movies, and amazing characters. One of my favorite results of the series is it brought Emma Watson into my life. Watson was introduced as Hermione Granger when she was just a kid.

Since then, Watson has grown up into an incredible woman. Besides recently starring in , she’s a model feminist. Emma became a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, according to unwomen.org.

Reading about everything Watson has accomplished makes me feel tired, TBH. Glad there’s people like her doing it so I can keep watching over and over again on Netflix.

In addition to being an overall flawless human, the way she dresses is unreal. Every single time she hits the red carpet, people are talking about it. This barely scratches the surface, but these nine pictures prove she’s the best-dressed person on planet Earth.

1.Press Tour

Watson looks flawless rocking high-waisted pants and an off-the-shoulder top for her press tour in Paris. This is everything I strive to be, but will probably never accomplish.

2. Florals In Paris

This is another look she rocked during her recent press tour for in Paris. I’m not sure what’s even going on here, but I’m obsessed and must have it. It’s like a kimono meets dress meets T-shirt, and it’s working.

3. Chic Yet Casual

OK, this will be the last one from the Paris press tour, scouts honor. She just rocked so many good looks. This casual outfit is adorable and super chic. Of course, it’s high-end and the designer specializes in sustainable clothing. Way to do your part, Em!

4. Rocking Dior Couture

Couture can be tricky because it’s not exactly street-wear friendly. Emma Watson looks so glam in Dior. Also, where can I get those shoes? They’re worth a month or two of rent.

Red Carpet Looks

had countless red carpets. Watson rocked every. single. one. From soft nude to sleek black, her choices were diverse but equally gorgeous.

6. MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

This is a tough red carpet look to pull off. Some celebs try to go way too trendy. Watson somehow pulled off the perfect balance of edgy and chic.

7. Sustainable Looks

Although the term sustainable fashion doesn’t sound super sexy, Watson proves that wrong. She always rocks eco-conscious designers on the red carpet.

8. Hanging With Famous Friends

This look was when she presented at the British Fashion Awards with Harry Styles. How gorgeous do these two Brits look together?

9. Fairy Tale Fashion

How does she always look like a fairy tale princess? But, like, an ivy league princess.

Emma Watson is definitely fashion goals. I’m so glad brought her into my life. Thanks, J.K. Rowling!

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/entertainment/celebrity/emma-watson-fashion/2003292/

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9 Times Emma Watson Was The Best-Dressed Person On The Planet

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